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LevelFlex Standard & Options

The front mounting and improved geometry actually means that the implement is being ‘pulled’ forwards, making it easier to steer.

On the hydraulic folding 4m and 6m Levelflex models the hydraulic folding wing sections fold neatly to give a transport width of only 2.9m. The hydraulic folding models are fitted with an automatic mechanical locking device for transport.

The combination of 80cm and 90cm dia rings is becoming more popular. The larger 90cm rings pack tighter the soil between the tractor wheels, whilst the 80cm rings press the soil either side. This has proven to give a better sowing capacity and more even wear on the sowing combination.

Levelflex can be fitted with a crackerboard. The heavy duty spring steel tines (45x10 or 80x10) have a greater vibration effect, crushing clods and leveling the surface. The working depth of the crackerboard is hydraulically adjustable – even in work. This makes it possible to work to optimum effect in different soil types. The working angle is adjusted by spindles. Due to the special parallelogram suspension the working depth and the angle of work are independently adjustable. This makes it possible to work relatively aggressively providing a more intensive cultivation effect.

In lighter soil types, such as sand, we recommend the combination of 80cm rings on the wing sections and 11.5/80 – 15.3 wheels in the middle. Robust scrapers keep the wheels clean, and chains run between the rings allowing them to run clean.

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