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CultiLift Options

Standard equipment

• Spring suspended leveling bar

• 4 rows of 45x10 mm curved tines

• 400 mm cage roller

Optional equipment

• Hydraulic adjustment of front leveling bar

• 500/450 mm diameter Crosskill roller

• 12 mm rear harrow between the last row of tines and rear roller

• Levelling bar between the last row of tines and rear roller

• Support wheels for 6.0 m (std. for 8.0 m)

• Track eradicators

• 45x10 mm straigt tines (in lieu of curved tines)

• Road lights

The standard cage roller can be replaced by a Crosskill roller. The 500/450 mm diameter has a unique capability of carrying the machine, even in very soft soil conditions. Made out of steel, the weight is limited, maintaining the superb cultivation effect of the Crosskill ring style. As an option levelling bar can be fitted in front of the roller.

Support wheels are very effective for controlling the same working depth over the entire working width. They are standard on the 8.0 m and an option on the 6.0 m version.

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