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MaxiRoll Greenline Options

Raise the side sections out of the transport lock.

....... Unfold the side sections.
...Set pressure to the side sections, hydraulics in float position and the work can start.
.....Lower the side sections and the wheel lifts automaticly.
....Hydraulic weight transfer MaxiRoll Greenline is equipped with hydraulic weight transfer as standard. The weight from the frame and wheels is transferred via the hydraulic cylinders to the side frames to ensure equal  pressure over the whole working width.

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The seed is metered by cam shafts and then delivered pneumatically to baffle plates mounted between seed harrow and roller that ensures even distribution over the entire width and perfect seeding.
Pneumatic Box (300 or 500 L) 
The pneumatic seeder is an optional accessory that allows the sowing of small seeds up to 5mm across the working width of the roller. The seed rate is adjustable from approximately 1kg/ha to maximum of 30kg/ha. Seed rate is independent of forward speed.
P-Box-Speed (300 or 500 L) 
The P-Box seeder is similar to pneumatic box, but without land wheel drive to metering unit. The box is manually adjust in line with forward speed. The P-Box Speed is supplied with an electric box that provides seed rate control and on/off function.
The P-Box Speed is supplied with an electric box that provides seed rate control and on/off function.
P-Box-Speed Tronic (300 or 500 L) 
This is the most professional seeder from Einbock that has an electrical connection to the tractors forward speed thus ensuring a constant seed rate irrespective of the tractors forward speed.
The seed box is easily accessible via the ladder and platform. The platform is surrounded by a handrail which makes it a safe working area.
Mole hill board
A mole hill board can be mounted in front of the harrow. Depth is controlled by spindles. It is possible to adjust the aggressiveness of the springtines. This is easily done by displacing pins and pulling handles.
Seed harrow With the 2-row springtine weed harrow it is possible to aerate the grass. This promotes the growth of new grass. The working depth of the weed harrow is steplessly controlled by means of support wheels. The weed harrow works in float position, which allows it to follow the contours of the ground.
The weight of the roller can be increased by up to 75% when filled with water. The profiled well-ends reduce damage when turning and protects the soil and grass. The result is easy to see.
Crackerboard/ Seed harrow 
To levelling more uneven conditions, Dal-Bo offer a crackerboard / weed harrow combination. A row of heavy 80 x 10 mm spring tines are mounted in front of the 2 row harrow section. It lead a 100 % even field top where the following 2 row harrow section mix and lift up old straw in an optimal way. Crackerboard tines are mechanical adjustable by spindles, whereas the complete combination are hydraulic adjustable vertical.
A hydraulic Crackerboard can be fitted in front of the roller. The Crackerboard is very efficient for preparation and levelling of the ground.
MaxiRoll Greenline is very easy to fold into a transport width of only 2.50 m for the 6.30 m and 3.00 m for 8.30 m model.


Thanks to the "pressure and float system" the side frames are able to induvidually follow the ground contours using the integral accumulator. This makes MaxiRoll Greenline extremely flexible and easy to pull.

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