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Innovative design and various adjustment possibilities enable the implement to be used for numerous tasks in the field. Dinco´s are renowed for their precise depth control and the ability to leave a very even surface. Ridged frame Dinco’s (300 – 380 cm) have a transort width equal to their working width. The wider models (470 – 560 cm) consist of three sections which fold hydraulically for transport. The implement is completed by a 500 mm cage roller. The roller consolidates and levels the soil and provides
Working depths from 4 to 20 cm are easily adjusted via 4 bolts. An alternative to the cage roller is a 600 mm T-ring roller. It consists of steel rings in a special design which gives an excellent consolidation and crumbling effect. Steelscrapers keeps the roller clean. The T-ring roller is recommended for heavy soils.

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